ROVER MINI Wind deflectors Window Visor [mini-spw-ls]


Window Visor for ROVER MINI
Weather Shield, Window Visor
Big and Wide!!
Light Smoke
Thick and Strong
Good for protect your face and arm from Sunburn
easy wind flow. reduce wind noise.
in winter. it will protect rubber mold get frozen
Installation Manual with Pictures (Now only in Japanese)
use only double sided tape
non clips
[Package Weight]
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Super Wide Window Visor
Big Wide Window Visor
Big Wide Window Visor

Affordable Window Visor for Rover Mini

Buy an affordable window visor for Rover Mini at Mud Factory. Don't you hate when you have to close the car's windows while driving in the rain? Don't you want to feel the fresh and natural cool breeze instead of AC.? But on rainy days you have to close your car's windows not allowing the rain droplets to enter the interior. Therefore, for your comfortable ride, affordable window visor for Rover Mini for your defense. Car door visors are the most underrated accessories to be installed on the exterior of your vehicle. Car wind deflectors make your ride full of enjoyment and comfort and add to its aesthetic values. From reducing the wind noise to blocking the strong rays coming from the sun inside the cabin, the window visor turns out effective. For this, you need to invest only $168.00 at Mud Factory.