• feature1

    Handmade quality
    with a precise
    and detailed process.

    Work crafted by professionals that creates each piece with preciseness and cautiousness, for that reason we have heard many feedbacks from customers saying our product is superior compared with other brands.

    Material cost compared to other stores
    Mad Factory Others Price Comparison (%)
    Size 15-18cm 7cm +100%
    Thickness 2.5mm 1.5-1.8mm +50%
    Width 8cm 2cm +20%
    The result from the comparison is more than 170% which is almost 3 times difference in material cost.
  • feature2

    More than twice the size
    compared to
    the standard size.

    It is capable to prevent wind and rain from splashing even when the window is open. It is also able to ventilate and receive air in the cabin which also helps prevent the spread of COVID during this period.

  • feature3

    Super Good Design!!

    Mud Factory uses acrylic material with a thickness of 2.5 mm which is 1.0 mm thicker than other average products. Combined with a wide body design, it creates an unforgettable impression.

  • feature4

    Our motorcycle shields
    are precision in
    exterior design!!

    For city riding, one of the factors more important than speed is the appearance of the bike, don’t you think so too?

  • feature5

    Other items other than
    Visor and Shield
    that you cannot overlook!

    Apart from the Head Light Cover, Tail Lens Cover, Bug Guard, we also have prepared many spare parts and many other goods for your needs and services.

  • feature6

    The fitting of the products
    is smooth and simple.

    Products from some companies may encounter problems such as not fitting properly while having gaps between the parts. However, all of Mud Factory’s products will fit properly into their positions easily.