HONDA EK CIVIC Wind deflectors Window Visor [ek2d-semi-ds]


Weather Shield, Window Visor
Big and Wide!!
CIVIC EK Sixth generation (1995)
*can be installed with genuine side mirror.
Dark Smoke
Thick and Strong
Good for protect your face and arm from Sunburn
easy wind flow. reduce wind noise.
in winter. it will protect rubber mold get frozen
Stainless clips
Installation Manual with Pictures (Now only in Japanese)
double sided tape and clips
[Package Weight]
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Super Wide Window Visor (Light Smoke)
Semi Wide Window Visor (Dark Smoke)

HONDA EK CIVIC Wind deflectors Window Visor

The highest quality window visors are available and you find the ones that are made specifically for Honda EK Civic. The honda civic ek window visor is comprised of tough polycarbonate plastic to shield your car and you from environmental hazards like wind, rain, heat, and sunlight. The window visors are simple to install and enhance interior ventilation.These are elegant and tinted, and they can be easily installed in the window. It ensures that the rain doesn't get into the car while you're driving and permits natural air circulation. When parked in the same location, leaving the windows slightly open can help to reduce heat accumulation. These wind deflectors window visors will contribute to overall improvement. Because you can have a subtle finish to ensure you are driving in style, this enables you to add some style and convenience.