ISUZU D-MAX Double CAB (RT50/85) Wind deflectors Window Visor [dmax2-spw-ls-4p]


ISUZU D-MAX Double CAB (RT50/85)
Weather Shield, Window Visor
Big and Wide!!
2nd Gen D-MAX
Double CAB (RT50/85)
*2011 - 2019
Dark Smoke
Thick and Strong
Good for protect your face and arm from Sunburn
easy wind flow. reduce wind noise.
in winter. it will protect rubber mold get frozen

Stainless clips
Installation Manual with Pictures (Now only in Japanese)
double sided tape and clips
[Package Weight]

ISUZU D-MAX Double CAB (RT50/85) Wind deflectors Window Visor

The window visor, as its name implies, protects the windows from numerous factors like the wind, sun, and, of course, rain. Their use has become rather widespread, whether for aesthetic or practical reasons. An Isuzu d max double cab wind deflectors window visor, which is especially helpful to defog the interior, allows the windows to be pushed down a few notches without letting rain into the cabin. The direct side sunlight is also somewhat reduced by the visor. Your automobile windows will benefit greatly from the highest-quality window deflectors. You may enjoy an open window without being concerned about the weather thanks to them. The window deflectors that are specifically made for the Isuzu D Max double cab will stop window and mirror fogging. They are simple to install, giving the Isuzu D Max double cab a modern appearance.