Mitsubishi Canter Dark Smoke Wind deflectors Window Visor [fe56-big-ds]


Mitsubishi Canter
Weather Shield, Window Visor
Big and Wide!!
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Gen6 (1993-2002)
Canter / Canter Gutz
FE5 / FE6
Dark Smoke
Thick and Strong
Good for protect your face and arm from Sunburn
easy wind flow. reduce wind noise.
in winter. it will protect rubber mold get frozen
Installation Manual with Pictures (Now only in Japanese)
use only double sided tape
non clips
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Canter Gen6 Big Wide Window Visor
Canter Gen7/8/9 Big Wide Window Visor

Mitsubishi Canter Dark Smoke Wind deflectors Window Visor

Mitsubishi wind deflectors are an understated yet useful improvement that instantly enhances the appearance of your car and reduces wind noise. Our aerodynamic design enables you to leave the windows of your car open while the wind deflectors prevent rain and wind from entering the interior of the vehicle while still allowing for the free flow of natural air. By doing this, you can avoid using air conditioning, which reduces fuel consumption and improves comfort for you and your passengers. Moreover, driving with the windows open can help keep them from fogging and will increase visibility. Our wind deflectors are perfectly sized for your car. The aerodynamic design complements the shape of your car by following its lines and curves. Additionally, the vehicle-specific design makes installation simple and tool-free.